Best Restaurants In Riyadh

Delivered To You Anytime and Anywhere

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Ngwah NOW Service

Ngwah NOW delivers your food from only best restaurants to your location anywhere in Riyadh, and at any time. You can make multiple orders at once, no minimum charge, track your order on the map, and a very intelligence menu powered by AI.

Lunch & Breakfast Service

Lunch & Breakfast Service is only for partners companies, where every day you can select your lunch and breakfast from a set menu collected from multiple restaurants, and you can order from all of them at the same time, with no minimum charge, paying only one minimal delivery charge, and it will always arrive on your break time.

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More Than 300 Restauratns Only In Riyadh

You can order from all of them, no matter where you're located.
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Main Courses

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Healthy Choices

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Special Offers

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Multiple Restaurants Order

Everyday we offer a wide selection of meals from different restaurants. you need to take an order from one of them and another order from a different one? No problem.

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No Delay

We know you are busy at work, and we respect that by guaranteeing our orders always delivered on time.

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No Minimum Charge

We don’t require any minimum charges for the orders. In fact our menu have some meals starting from 6 SAR and you will only pay that.